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New works in the making

2012-09-10 16:10:19 by Bell45

I know i promised a demo and I'm working on that (cross referencing characters i can do to ones i already did)

But there is more. a long time ago i did a character voice for this award winning game

Silent Hill Room 304 (It's clickable)

a kind gentleman from Latvia has been a fan of it for some time and has asked me to reprise my role as Adrian in a live action film version of this game. Which i gladly accepted. I will keep everyone interested posted on the process (ETA and such no behind the scenes just yet)

See you around the net

People enjoy my work..........

2012-08-30 04:40:16 by Bell45

Even though I haven't posted anything by myself in a long time. This makes me feel weird but grateful at the same time.

Th weird aspect mostly because i do this as a hobby and never did it for the respect and admiration of random people over the net.

The grateful aspect is because I do this to entertain everyone (again with no personal gain at all) and people really enjoy it and tell me about it, which makes me happy that i can brighten your day with my hobby.

What's the reason for this post ..... I might be doing another Demo Reel when i hit college just to keep myself entertained.

Why then why not now? why not ..... plus other factors prohibit the actual act of most of my Voice Works (SCREAMING LIKE A MAD MAN!!!!!!!!!!)

anyways hope to see you around the net sometime


WOOO 42 boxes is released

2011-04-15 22:33:07 by Bell45

After 2 whole years after voicing my character for 42 Boxes it is released in all of its glory

check out part 1 of this grand tale

rate it and what not hell just watching will work

cheers and enjoy the show

Well my reign has ended

2010-08-05 02:37:11 by Bell45

Most of you already know but i have decided to stop voice acting so i can concentrate on work as well as finding a 3rd job. Once in a blue moon i will get back on for nostalgia but i don't know when i will get back on full time. It's been a fun ride, I would like to thank all my directors, co workers, script writers, and the 665 team even though our show never saw the light of day it was a great experience to work with you.
Cheers and hope to be back soon,
Bell45 (ex voice actor)

2 things

2010-06-14 00:13:09 by Bell45

1 turned 19 yesterday
and 2 i just started my new job and im already at my first promotion

life is good right now

665 is not coming to the portal

2010-05-21 23:51:46 by Bell45

My associate (waynster88) and I have agreed to cancel our project 665 The Neighbor of the Beast due to personal reasons so if anyone was interested in the starting of the show i appologize for wasting your time

have a god day

Need some help here

2010-03-08 20:29:10 by Bell45

this has nothing to do with 665 series thats going along as planned but i need some help figuring out which character voices to do for a new demo reel that will be posted here on new grounds. now what im going to do is im going to ask on here youtube and to mix business with pleasure on Xbox live Call of duty modern warfare 2 (hey i got to have something to relax) so if you are interested in suggesting something leave the character name and a link to an example whether it be on this site or youtube.
cant wait to see your guys suggetions

we have a new animator

2009-08-01 01:51:28 by Bell45

artistgamergal has gladly accepted for animating for our project and i am so thankful for her joining without her me and my co producer's dream wouldn't become reality so thank you again

the project should be out soon

progress on series

2009-07-30 01:37:17 by Bell45

our animator quit so i have been asking around the portal for the past few days to see if anyone is interested we might have on right off the bat but then again we may not
lets just hope they answer soon

progress on series

2009-06-17 03:07:03 by Bell45

we have finally finished the audio portion of the new series coming to newgrounds still looking for a name i'll give you a hint later in life anyways we are now in the animation stage (YATTA) so expect to see some major progress
(ps thanks for all the ppl who sent me their best wishes on my birthday i appreciate all the love)